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 4 Stage Hood Chrome Separator

Plating International offers the best ventilation systems for the chrome plating industry. By treating the fumes at the hood immediately through a four stage Hepa Filter system, this removes any chrome mist from ducts. This removes the need for a remote control device and keeps the system running without issues and increasing efficiency,

  • Guranteed to pass .006 mg/dcsm Federal EPA emission mandate for hexavalent chrome

  • Water use reduced compared to all available technologywith the ability to gravity feed back to the process tank resulting in zero waste

  • Kynar construction to allow for the longest lifespan compared to PVC which will eventually fail

  • Clear hinged bolt on access doors with easy access

  • Custom Fabrication for specific customer needs

Hoods & Ductwork

Plating International offers custom designed hoods to maximize efficiency of fumes captured based on chemistry and tank sizing. Whether multi-slotted upright hoods or single slotted hoods, Plating International engineers will design the most effective hood for each customer application.