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Switchmode Rectifiers & SCR Rectifiers


Flexkraft Switchmode Rectifiers

FlexKraft Air-Colled DC Power Supplies with single and Dual Outputs with Optional Polarity Reversal are the best rectifers on the market today. Power control allows the use of a wide range of output voltages and currents. The modular design allows for future increases to putput as well as fast repair or replacement. These rectifiers are designed to take up less space and provide more versatility within customers workshops.

The benefits

The benefits of switching to a FlexKraft to power your plating process will show up in no time. The FlexKraft offers near 90% efficiency across the output range. Customers have done studies that showed the FlexKRaft consumed 34% less energy than one of their SCR units when powering the exact same plating process. FlexKraft power supplies are designed to be in harsh conditions and offer the highest possible reliability. The module design minimzes downtime as if one module should fail the rectifier will still run at a reduced power.



Ripple Effect and Dual output

The FlexKraft Rectifiers have the lowest ripple in the industry with the ripple output quality built directly into the unit. FlexKraft guarantees ripple below 2% across the entire regulation range (0-100% output) Typical ripple is even lower - under most load conditions ripple is below 0.2%. This high quality of the output current combined with the pinpoint accuracy in the settings promotes unparalleled results for sensitive processes like chrome plating.