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Pt Ti Anodes

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Platinized Titanium Anodes for Hard chrome plating

The use of lead has been and will continue to be a highly scrutinized and monitored material. The future of anodes for the chrome plating  industry is platinized titanium. Plating International takes pride in researching and introducing new environmentally friendly products for our customers. This new technology is a direct replacement for lead with many additional plating and environmental benefits.

Benefits of Switching to Platinized Titanium

  • Non-Hazardous – Lead is Hazardous for not only employees but also the environment

  • Sludge Formation – Chromic Acid dissolves lead creating chromate sludge in the bottom of tanks

  • Durability – Platinized Titanium Anodes have a much longer lifetime than lead anodes and can be re-plated rather than replaced

  • Weight – Platinized Titanium are significantly lighter than lead

  • Impacts on operations – Platinized Titanium requires no manual maintenance. With no chromate sludge, downtime is eliminated as there is no need to shutdown for cleaning

  • Conductivity- Increased conductivity can lead to energy savings

  • Dimensional Stability – Lead Anodes bend and can cause short circuits

  • Complex Shape Manufacturing- The ability to create custom shaped anodes for precise and uniform plating