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Plating International supplies custom designed vertical and horizontal scrubbers.  Our exclusive scrubbers are user friendly and designed for specific space requirements and chemical loading.  Some features include:

  • Designed for 450-500 feet per minute velocity
  • Fabricated from grey or white 2" PVC
  • Polypropylene, CPVC, FRP and Stainless Steel available
  • Clear sliding access doors
  • High efficiency media
  • Lantec polypropylene dump pack
  • Kimre composite mesh pad mist eliminator
  • Easy to use non-corrosive spin-off knobs for quick access to the mist eliminator and dump pack
  • Removable spray headers (union connection) through sliding access doors
  • Remote or integral recirculation sumps with vertical seal-less Serfilco pumps and level controls
  • ORP or pH control systems available
  • GPM flow meteres
  • Pressure drop gauges to display pressure drop across mist eleminator
  • Rooftop or in-house installation








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