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Electric Heaters

Plating International's electric heaters are designed for the demands of corrosive chemical heating, with a vast array of configurations available such as open tank, screw plug and flange.  A wide variety of materials ensure heather longevity regardless of the chemistry, including: fluoropolymer, quartz, titanium, 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and plain steel.  We offer sizes as small as 100 watts for laboratory environments and as large as 54,000 watts (flange heaters up to 270,000 watts) for industrial applications.

Heat Exchangers, Heating and Cooling Coils & Accessories

Plating International heating and cooling coils and heat exchangers are designed for the demands of corrosive chemical heating.  A wide variety of standard and custom configurations are available.  Materials of construction include:  fluroploymer, titanium, 316 stainless steel, plain steel and several exotic metals such as Zirconium.

Temperature Controls & Accessories

Plating International offers an extensive assortment of cataloged and custom temperature control systems for precise control of our heaters and heat exchangers.  Styles include digital display, non-indicating, on/off, and PID.  Switch gear for electrical loads of up to 150 amps are available.

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